5 Things You’ll Love About My Tent


Disclaimer: This is not a sponsored advertisement. I am just a VERY satisfied customer and I’d like to share that satisfaction with you.

Have you ever tried camping and it started raining and your tents are leaking? It’s fucking inTENTs!!! haha. Okay, okay. My jokes are not that great. Bite me. haha


Speaking of something great, I’ve found one of the best tents on the market today. AND I’M TOTALLY LOVING IT. It has withstood a tropical storm for God’s sake (Follow that story here.)

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So what is this tent I’m using? It’s from The North Face called the STORMBREAK 2. (check it here).


  • Easy to set up

In just less than 5 minutes, I can set up this tent. And I can do that alone. This is great for you loners. Don’t worry, I’m one of you (huhu). The good thing about this tent is that you don’t need to insert the poles of the tent inside the loopholes in which most tent design usually features. The Stormbreak 2 lets you hook the main tent fabric onto the poles. It is easier that way. WAY EASY. And I think most damages from the tents starts from this part of the tents. I’m so glad The North Face found a new and innovative way of prolonging the lifespans of their tents.

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  • Waterproof

Okay, I know most tents has this feature. Of course you need the inside of the tent to stay dry. But what most tents missed out is that not at all times there is a bad weather. The usual complains, especially here in the tropical country like the Philippines,  is that most tents tends to be hot for comfort. The StormBreak 2 has made a way to solve this problem. The main tent is made of a see-through mesh fabric. It lets the air pass in and out of your tent. The downside is that you can’t do naughty things inside because duh – IT IS SEE-THROUGH (haha).

SO WHAT IF IT RAINS? Or you need some naughty time? Don’t worry you, The Stormbreak 2 has a second coat in which you can cover up you tents. It acts as a raincoat for your tent. It’s easy to set-up. In less than a minute, your second coat is in position.

  • Comfortable

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What I have discovered about my tent is that even if you place the second coat, the inside is still comfortable. It is not suffocating. So even under the heavy rain and gushing winds, you’re in a very safe environment.

Another problem most tents I’ve used before is that they don’t really have space inside. The thing about this tent is that there is an ample space inside for two people. If you’d like something bigger, The North Face has other tents that are bigger than what I bought. I just bought the small one since most of my travel buddies are couples. So usually I’m alone in another tent (sad right? huhu).

Another thing I like about The Stormbreak 2 is that there are different nooks and pockets on the sides and above the tent where you could place your valuables or a flashlight above. Nifty right?

  • Durable

The brand itself denotes quality and durability. IT IS THE NORTH FACE. The name just sheds quality in everything they sell. But brand aside, different materials were used for this tent. The most noticeable are the poles. They used aluminum-like (not really sure) metal for the poles. There is really  quite a distinction between your average tent with the Stormbreak 2.

  • Windproof

This I can attest to. I’ve seen how windproof the Stormbreak 2 is. The name didn’t disappoint.

I’ve used the Stormbreak 2 during a storm. It was my fault anyway since I DIDN’T FREAKIN’ CHECKED THE WEATHER FORECAST. (Check my story here.) But one thing I was glad even though I was camping in a storm, I was safe inside my tent.


  • Heavy

The Stormbreak 2 pack weigh around 5 lbs. That is equivalent to more or less 2.60 Kg. It is heavier compared to most tents especially that it only fits a sleeping capacity for two.

  • Price

Okay, I think this is the major drawback for the item. If you buy this tent directly from The North Face’s website, it is currently priced at USD 159.00. (See current price here). That is Php 7723.50 as of writing this post.

The last time I checked The North Face store at SM City Cebu, the Stormbreak 2 was priced at Php 15,000.00. I have also checked Amazon’s price.(see current price here) Currently it is at USD 191.28 plus shipping fee of USD 4.49. That is Php 9507.46 as of writing this post.

Anywhere you buy this bad boy, It will really be a hole up on your pocket. But after all, quality products really doesn’t come cheap.

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I am one happy AND satisfied customer. How about you guys? I’d like to know if you’re satisfied with your tents. If not, at least you have an idea on what to invest in the future.


30 thoughts on “5 Things You’ll Love About My Tent

  1. Love your tent! Ours is a local brand but it works great, too. It’s just around 6K and good for 2 people (but all three of us can fit inside) but just as heavy as this one. Too bad, I’d have considered this one. We are looking to upgrade into a lighter tent although that would mean a heavier price tag. Haha!

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  2. If you’re a constant camper, then I think this tent will serve you best despite the expensive price. Quality is crucial especially if you’re using it all the time. Glad you found THE ONE. It’s not as bad to be alone in your tent though, haha! Feels good sometimes because you can sleep in peace. LOL

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  3. Scream, with great power comes with great responsibility as well as with great and durable products comes with a shocking price. Hahaha, I can’t afford this Rad, but I guess the tent is really that durable and a good quality product. I’ll be happy to own this tent in the future. Magtigom sa ko para ani hehehe.

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  4. nice choice. I have my tent for almost 3 years now and it cost me around USD160 when I bought it. I was really satisfied and impressed by my tent as it withstand storms too during our treks but lately the coatings started to wear off and the seals at the seams too. And I am already ordering another one while I am still repairing my tent.. 🙂

    Be careful in handling your expensive tent as it really needs caution when cleaning / washing it. My bad, I let someone borrow my tent and the borrower washed it incorrectly. And oh, are your tent poles aluminum ? You might as well not let your poles soaked in saltwater as it can corrode it and make it brittle.

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      1. If you want to wash it, do not use detergent or of any sort. You can use just water but wash only the outside for dirt. If the inside got dirty, wash it gently and with minimal grit as it can abrade fabrics and damage waterproof coatings over time. If odor is your problem, you can just dry it under the sun to remove the odor 🙂

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  5. Buying high-quality stuff usually comes at a price and others tend to see it as being rich. Sometimes it’s better to buy an expensive thing that lasts for a long time compared to a cheap one but breaks so easily.

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    1. I totally agree with you Jullian. It’s like buying a new laptop. You’d want to buy a high-end one if you know you’re gonna need to use it a lot of times and you’d want something of high performance to do justice on what you’re doing.


    1. Not being a rich kid. Haha just investing on something I know I’m gonna use a lot. Though it is expensive, in the long run, it’ll save me a huge ROI. 😊 thanks for reading my post by the way. 😊

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  6. I totally share the sentiment of going for it and investing in something that might be a bit pricey, but I’m certain is of great quality. Spending a bit more on something that will last me long is a way better option than the alternative.

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  7. Wow! It’s quite heavy for me but if it keeps me dry, this is worth it. We should have used this when we went to Virgin Island. There was a big storm in the middle of the night and the freakin’ tide made the island smaller. It looked like the end of the world and we were freezing and wet. I’m glad we survived. Hahahaha! The next day? Kayak back to Panglao. What a great experience. Stormbreak 2 could have been handy on that day though. 🙂


  8. OKAY! Bahalag mahal basta worth it!!! I bet it’ll protect me from all forms of disaster! Bagyo, tornado, tsunami! Hahahah joke. Bitaw, kidding aside, nindot jud mag invest ug quality tent specially for travel bloggers like you!!!


  9. I wish I could afford tents. Good ones like yours are costly. T_T I don’t trek or travel as much but it will be so handy when I want to spare money on travels. 🙂


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