Bohol | In a Different Light I

Hey guys! Welcome to my first ever series post. If you’ve read the title, you’d probably get that this post will be about Bohol.


So what is this all about?

Quick Facts:

Bohol is a province of the Philippines, in the country’s Central Visayas region. It comprises Bohol Island and numerous smaller surrounding islands. Bohol is known for coral reefs and unusual geological formations, notably the Chocolate Hills. On the main island, near the town of Carmen, these 1,200 or so symmetrical mounds turn cocoa-brown in the dry season, contrasting with the surrounding jungle’s greenery.


Basically Bohol is known for having a one of a kind land formation called The Chocolate hills. Having the Chocolate hills placed Bohol on the map and became one of the tourist destinations of the Philippines. But there is more to Bohol than the infamous hills. And that’s what this post is all about. Trying to placed the limelight to others places in Bohol.

Why am I doing this?

I am a Boholano, born and “attempted to be raised” (I haven’t grown that much. Huhu). And who better to show you these amazing places than a person who has been there before?

Hope you’ll enjoy the first of this series of post.

1. Kawasan Falls


Cebu isn’t the only island in the Philippines that has a falls named “Kawasan”. Yep, Bohol has one too. Unlike Cebu’s Kawasan, Bohol’s Kawasan falls is much more smaller but is still magnificent on its own.


Kawasan falls is found in Candasig, Balilihan which is approximately 22 kilometers from Tagbilaran city.

Tip: go there early in the morning before anyone else is there. The falls has a small pond below the falls and isn’t enjoyable if there are a lot of people around.

2. Mag.aso Falls


Out of the many waterfalls that is or will be included on this series post, Mag-aso Falls is the most popular one. Mag-aso falls is just a walking distance from the poblacion of Antequera, Bohol.

If you’ve been there before the 2013 earthquake that hit Bohol, you’d see a huge difference before and after the earthquake. Although there is a distinction, Mag-aso is still amazing.

Tip: You can’t swim along Mag-aso if its raining. The falls is dangerous especially when a sudden burst of flood from the upstream goes down through the falls. Also, be careful while walking down the falls. The steps tend to be slippery.

3.Inambacan Cave & Spring


This cave and spring tandem can also be found in Antequera, Bohol. It is connected to the Mag-aso falls and can be found in Villa Aurora, Antequera which is few barangays away from the falls. The best thing about it? THERE IS NO ENTRANCE FEE.


Tip: The cave is small and is often used as a washing area by the neighboring houses. I wouldn’t make this the “star” for a road trip but a side trip destination.

4. Danicop Hidden Valley & Spring


This tourist destination in Loon, Bohol is literally hidden up in the mountains. We traveled a solid 30 minutes from the highway to reach the stopping point of the cars and from there, started walking for nearly 10 minutes before we reached this stunning place.

Its main features are the rock formations on cliffs, the onrushing waters the locals call “Lungkajab”, and springs that flow from the mountainside.




29 thoughts on “Bohol | In a Different Light I

    1. Haven’t went to these places all on the same day. I think, if I went to each of these places consecutively (along with some places I’ll be posting soon), It’ll be a week or two to see them all. 😊


    1. Sure. But I don’t think I’d be Bohol, just for a short christmas break I guess. My next long vacay in Bohol would be summer of next year.

      Yeah, these places are never advertised. Because they aren’t ready to welcome a lot of tourist. Most of them don’t even have entrance fees and are not really accessible. Well, unless you know the place. 😊

      Liked by 1 person

  1. I for sure haven’t heard or seen a majority of those places until now. It’s kind of unfortunate they don’t get as much time on the limelight as the other attractions do because they are quite exquisite. But maybe that’s because Bohol just has way too many spots to offer. Haha.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. True. But I’ve asked the tourism dept. on why they don’t advertise these places, they said that because they aren’t ready for a big crowd. They don’t even have entrance fees for maintenance. And LGUs doesn’t make any move because they don’t seem to think they are as profitable sa those already that are popular. 😒


  2. I’ve been to Bohol but I haven’t been to any of the list! Huhu. So lame. You’re so lucky to have explored these places. And my, this series is going places jud! (literally, haha!)


  3. I grew up in Bohol and I go there at least once a year and your post indeed made me see it in a different light as well. I grew up in a coastal area and my life revolved around the beach. I probably go to mountain barangays for boy scout or fiesta. I might follow your lead soon.


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